Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Tommie Chick's 1954, 1959, 1969, Custom Stratocaster


Tommie Chick (Chick is a nickname coming from his Italian surname) saw one of my '59 style Fender 3 tone sunburst finishes and approached me about doing one for him. Once I explained it's best to fit the parts before the finish is applied, we decided he'd ship me all the parts and I'd put it together for him. Tommie came up with the spec after we decided on a one piece Ash body. He selected a Clapton neck, Callaham hardware, and Abigail Ybarra '69 Strat custom pickups loaded on a single ply white guard. Follow along as the Strat goes together on the Flickr Photo Set.


  1. Tommie Chick,

    This man is amazing at what he does. He knows
    little things that other luthiers neglect. As a
    Master Kraftsman, Paul is unsurpassed compared to anyone else. I am so glad that he is at the
    very heart of making my dream guitar come to life.

  2. July 14, 2010
    Today was the most fantastic day in my guitar's life. Paul shipped my dream instrument
    and I have been working on my music all day. It arrived today and to my surprised delight it
    is the most amazing looking, playing, and last
    but not least, sounding guitar. Paul is the
    most wonderful man to deal with. Not only is he
    a premier luthier, but he is also the best at
    customer service. He did all the little things
    that others don't even know. Every step of the
    way, he took care of answering all my questions
    which made it easy for me to enjoy how he was
    putting all the pieces together. What Paul did
    for me was to take my dream for the ultimate
    guitar and turn it into a Stratovarius.