Monday, June 7, 2010

1953 Vintage Fender Precision Bass Restoration Refinish


This week in the shop we have a '53 Fender Precision Bass. The P-Bass came out in 1951 and revolutionized the music industry. This bass is # 08XX, so it was one of the very first made. It was restored in 1957, when it was given a two color sunburst finish and a white guard, which was the new style P-Bass finish of the day. Then goofed with probably in the 70's with a brushed on "natural" finish (ouch). Currently we are bringing it back to original specs. The butterscotch blonde finish is being applied though the florescent lamp in the paint booth makes it look a bit green! And it will receive the proper black guard. The bass will be offered for sale in a few weeks once everything is done and the lacquer is cured. Feel free to inquire about details if interested.

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