Friday, June 24, 2011

Todd's 1957 Style, Blonde Precision Bass Body

Recently I completed Todd's '57 style P-Bass body with a nice, blonde finish, tinted slightly to look older. This is an amazing Ash body, weighing well under 4 lbs! The aftermarket body came with funky string ferrules, so we decided to source vintage style Fender ferrules. I needed to drill steps in the ferrule holes so they sit flush like an original, early 50's Fender Bass.

Drilling the steps with our specially made tool.

Here you can see the steps are nice and clean.

Ferrules are now installed. Note the flush fit.

Above you can see the body with a few parts mocked up. Note that Todd had me make him a custom, one-hole tug bar out of Ash wood, with matching blonde finish. A unique touch for his bass. Probably would look even better with a black guard.